Friday, November 08, 2013

Back in Evanston

We moved back to Evanston IL last May, after an 18 year or so absence. Much has changed, much is remarkably the same. One major change is the appearance of high- and semi-high rise condo buildings in the downtown area. We are in one of the less tall and less voluminous ones - 15 stories. One result of our downsizing from house to condo is that I no longer have any home-based shop space. I've rented shop space before, in Madison, but haven't started that search yet here. For the time being I'm sharing the shop of a woodworker friend, who has kindly let me use some of his space for my lathe and some additional tools, though much is stored in his garage attic. My friend is a highly skilled furniture maker, and I took advantage of those skills to design and build a dining room table with him for our new place. So, in a bit of an excursion, the photos below don't depict any wood turning at all! The table is solid birch, with Panga Panga for the dark accents. The central part of the top (inside the darker strips) is butcher block. The legs also have Panga Panga inserts, and the tops of the legs are set in to create a reveal that suggests the top is floating.

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