Saturday, September 05, 2015

Big Leaf Maple Burl Yarn/Knitting Bowl

My wife is an ardent knitter, and had been eyeing yarn/knitting bowls, so I decided to try one, with the result pictured here. This Big Leaf Maple Burl blank was spectacularly figured and made a very striking bowl.  Here are some photos of the outside detail (the inside is pretty wild, too).

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

And a new card!

Back in action at the new digs

I'm finally up and running in my new studio space (and have actually turned a couple of pieces which I'll put up here after they are finished). I also have been trying to learn how to use Inkscape, one of the vector graphics program driving Sector67's CNC routers.  So far, with a lot of help from Chris, who runs the place, I've managed a pretty good logo plaque and a sign:

These now grace the front of my studio:

Mazomanie has had its ups and downs as an art "location," and currently is pretty well down.  But - except for its distance from Middleton (20-25 minutes, depending on traffic) - it suits my current purposes okay.  I have a lot of space, which is nicely finished off and has a bathroom, heat and AC. What more could anyone want?  Maybe I'll post a video tour one of these days.  And the drive will be easier once they get the main drag through Cross Plains completed.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Black and White Ebony Bowl

Several years ago my wife gave me a 6" x 6" x 3" blank of Black and White Ebony as a present.  I didn't turn anything from it - every time I saw it in my wood stash I thought - "It's too expensive to just screw up."  I finally summoned up the courage to plunge ahead a couple of weeks ago, and here is the resulting turning.  It measures 5.5" diameter and is 2.5" high.  Presently it is unfinished.  I will probably just polish and wax since the grain is so tight and the surface so smooth.

Multi-function Screwdriver Handles

I've turned several handles for 4-way screwdrivers, which I intend to give as Christmas presents next December. The dark ones in the upper photo are East Indian Rosewood; the others are Zebrawood. Three of the five are turned on multiple axes, providing a more "grippable" handle shape.  In the lower photo the handles are turned from Figured Asian Satinwood.