Saturday, June 30, 2007

Maple butcher block platter

This 15.5" platter with a small walnut stripe was turned from a section of butcher block counter top. (It could have been bigger, but my lathe will only handle a 16" maximum diameter blank unless I turn outboard, and at this point I don't own the necessary outboard tool rest.) (Wedding gift to nephew.)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Apple and InLace bowl and stand

This small apple wood bowl was turned from the same piece of wood as the "Natural-edged apple vase" posted on May 9. In chain-sawing the log, however, I had sliced off a small section of what would become the rim of the bowl, so I decided to try some InLace to fill the gap. The InLace material is described in "Large cherry bowl with InLace," also posted on May 9. I also turned the bottom of this bowl completely round, and then created the lttle InLace "stand" for it to sit in. This bowl measures about 7" in diameter by 2" high.

Cherry burl - Bowl interrupted

The piece of cherry burl from which this bowl was turned had several very deep bark inclusions. They were too unstable to keep intact, so I just turned them out as the bowl developed into this interesting shape. It was necessary to add a piece of cherry to make the base, since the foot of the burl turned out to be too small and irregular to support the piece solidly. The bowl measures about 9.5" across and 3" high. (Christmas gift to brother and sister-in-law.)