Saturday, September 05, 2015

Big Leaf Maple Burl Yarn/Knitting Bowl

My wife is an ardent knitter, and had been eyeing yarn/knitting bowls, so I decided to try one, with the result pictured here. This Big Leaf Maple Burl blank was spectacularly figured and made a very striking bowl.  Here are some photos of the outside detail (the inside is pretty wild, too).

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

And a new card!

Back in action at the new digs

I'm finally up and running in my new studio space (and have actually turned a couple of pieces which I'll put up here after they are finished). I also have been trying to learn how to use Inkscape, one of the vector graphics program driving Sector67's CNC routers.  So far, with a lot of help from Chris, who runs the place, I've managed a pretty good logo plaque and a sign:

These now grace the front of my studio:

Mazomanie has had its ups and downs as an art "location," and currently is pretty well down.  But - except for its distance from Middleton (20-25 minutes, depending on traffic) - it suits my current purposes okay.  I have a lot of space, which is nicely finished off and has a bathroom, heat and AC. What more could anyone want?  Maybe I'll post a video tour one of these days.  And the drive will be easier once they get the main drag through Cross Plains completed.