Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zebrawood Coffee Scoop

At our last club meeting one of our members displayed on the show-n-tell table a coffee scoop which was composed of two turned parts - bowl and handle - which had been fastened together to create the final piece.  I decided to turn a coffee scoop out of a single piece of wood, and picked zebrawood to maximaize the effect of the striking grain.  This process requires first turning the handle and the bowl end as a sort of "lollipop" shape (see first photo, on table top).  Then you remount the piece "sideways" (in a jam chuck turned for the purpose), so that as the piece turns the handle is flying around and round in the same plane as the scoop-to-be.  Then you hollow out the scoop part just as if it were a tiny bowl.  The finished scoop measures 5" in total length, and the bowl is 1 1/2" in diameter.  It holds approximately one tablespoon.  You can find instructions online for turning either the one-piece or the two-piece scoops.