Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mason Jar Goblets

I turned two Mason Jar Goblets for the People's Choice table at the Olbrich Show in October.  One attendee liked them and bought them at the show.  She also asked me to make some more for her, so I did, and they went out in today's mail.  The new four are quite like the originals, though not exact copies (I worked from general dimensions and a photo).  I didn't have any more of the dark brown laminated birch that I'd turned the original bases from, so I turned the bases from some solid walnut I had in my shop.  The finish is an undercoat of Watco Walnut Danish Oil, topped with several coats of high gloss Waterlox.  The turned bases on the larger goblets are 4" high, 2 15/16"D at the bottom and 1"D at the top; on the smaller, 3 ¼"H, 2 7/16"D at the bottom, and ¾"D at the top. 







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