Saturday, November 03, 2012

Olbrich Show 10/28/12

Here are some photos from the recent Olbrich Gardens show, which we co-sponser with the local woodcarvers club. The first two show the "People's Choice" challenge table, where the public votes on which submission they like the best.  The third photo is our raffle table, where donated turnings by our members were raffled off as a fund-raiser for our club activities.  (Scott Jameson is wearing the turned wood cowboy hat he won at the raffle at Hannes Michelson's demonstration in September, where he turned the hat from a block of maple.)  The fourth photo is my vendor table at the show.  And the last photo is a close up of my "Ball Jar" goblets entry in the People's Choic, which was captioned "Cocktails to go."  (They were purchased by an attendee at the show.)

I had a very good show, in terms of sales - and a lot of fun, too!  My experience at the show, as well as feedback from other vendors, suggest that lower priced items moved pretty well, and more expensive ones not so much.  Sign of the economic times, I suspect.


People's Choice - 1


People's Choice - 2


Raffle Table


My vendor table


"Cocktails to Go"


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