Monday, September 01, 2014

Bernie's Birthday Bowl

This series of photos shows the process of turning a large box elder bowl I gave to my wife as a birthday present.  The photos are largely self-explanatory, but I'll add a few comments.

The blank is held between centers and the bark largely removed; the flats from sawing are still present:

The bark is now gone; you can see the three-point drive center I'm using on the headstock end. Since the side-mounted points are adjustable it's very handy for holding an uneven surface securely:

The blank is now nearly round. At this point I cut a recess (shown later in the series) in the base for expansion jaws to hold the blank for hollowing:

I've reversed the bowl blank so that it is now held in the chuck for hollowing, but before that I'll true up the rim and even up the top surface some - and then get rid of the tailstock support:

The following photo is of the same set up, but shows the chuck expanded to hold the blank in the recess:

Beginning to hollow out the inside:

Same stage, showing my lathe:

Lots of shavings, of course... 


The bowl rough-hollowed, showing the heavy curly shavings from the hollowing process:

After rough turning the bowl I put it in a paper bag for a couple of weeks to dry some:

This photo shows the recess cut in the base for the expansion jaws:

The inside of the bowl is nearly fully turned:

And the outside is completed:

Ready to power sand and then remove for finish sanding and finishing: 

The final product. Finished with three coats of Danish oil and three coats of wipe-on poly:

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