Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cherry Burl Hollow Form (Vase)

In the gift exchange at our club's Christmas party I received a couple cherry branch sections with large burls.  I turned this hollow form from the smaller of the two.  (I put the branch ends between centers, rough turned the outside and put a tenon on one end; then reversed the piece, gripped the tenon in a chuck, finished turning the outside, and hollowed it out; finally I reversed the piece again, used the chuck in expansion mode to grip the opening by the inside edges, and turned the base.)  Since the wood was still green there was a lot of movement in the surface when it dried, as you can see in the pictures, which lends a very organic - even ancient - look to the piece, I think.  It measures about 7 ½" tall, and 4" across at its widest.















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