Friday, January 13, 2012

Cherry Burl Bowl

I'd had a piece of cherry burl sitting around the shop for at least a couple of years and hadn't been able to figure out what to do with it.  I think it was the product of one of our club raffles.  Part of the problem was its odd appearance:  it looked like it had been hacked out of a tree with a hatchet - had no discernible shape, and many hatchet-chop facets all around - and it was impossible to tell what it had originally looked like.  Inspired, I guess, or maybe just made a little braver by the success of the cherry burl hollow form I'd just turned (see previous entry), I cut flats on the ends, put the chunk between centers and started turning for exterior shape.  Ultimately I turned a 100mm tenon on one end to mount in a chuck for hollowing, and just kept at it.  The completed piece (finished with Watco Danish Oil - Natural) is pictured here.  There are a number of bark inclusions and some gaps that run all the way through from outside to inside, which is one reason I didn't try to make the piece any thinner.  As a result it's a little heavy in the hand, but not too bad, and I think the overall appearance came out pretty well.  It measures about 6 ½" across and is 4 ¼" high.





















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