Sunday, April 25, 2010

Laminated Off-center Pendants

In February I did a demo for our turning group on how to turn laminated, off-center pendants. This process involves first, laminating together layers of the woods and veneers you want to include in your pendant and then band-sawing the blank to rough size. Then you mount the blank on the lathe glued to a wood waste block, which is mounted at an angle in your chuck. That way when you turn the block you will create a thinner side (the top) and a thicker side (the bottom). After that, you move the waste block slightly to one side in the chuck, and turn the center hole, which will be offset because you moved the block over. Make sense? If not, take a look at the photos and you'll see what I'm driving at. There are several additional pendants shown in the listings at my Etsy store. Most of these pendants are 2" to 2 1/4" in diameter. All of them are mounted on a leather necklace with a metal spring clasp.

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