Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Large cherry bowl with Inlace

This cherry bowl measures about 12.5" across and is 3.25" high. The wood came from the trunk of a tree one of our former neighbors took down. When I was turning the inside of the bowl I discovered a hidden bark inclusion that turned out to be not only large but quite unstable. I removed all the bark and filled the space with InLace, a liquid resin inlay material that comes in many colors, and also in a clear version to which specal dyes may be added. (I used the clear material with copper dye.) It dries very hard and may be sanded and polished. I liked the effect, and am planning to try InLace in other project applications. The fourth (bottom) photo shows the InLace inlay in close up; the third photo shows where the InLace carries through to the bottom of the bowl. (Christmas gift to brother and sister-in-law.)